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You Should Hire Us.

we're here for you, soup to nuts!

Hiring someone to design your website, whether it's your first time or it's old hat, should be about more than just the website. We develop relationships with our clients and aren't going to bail out on you at 30,000 feet. We're here for you, through the whole process, through the launch and beyond.

You wouldn't be creating a website if you didn't have ideas, so we're all ears. But, because we care, we're going to tell you when there's a better solution. We're going to make recommendations, we're going to guide you in the right direction — developmentally, from the structure of your website and creatively, respectfully nudging you toward a less retina-searing shade of lime, perhaps. You hire a professional for a reason — their expertise — so we're going to share that with you. We're givers like that.

If you're seeking the fastest, cheapest, "I want it online yesterday for less than a cab ride" kind of website, then we're not the designers for you. There are thousands of free themes that you can download and roll your own, as they say. We won't assemble a slapdash website to meet an unrealistic timeline, nor will we drag out a project indefinitely. As a small business, we have a vested interest on keeping your project moving forward, but believe in taking the time needed to provide excellence.

We believe in doing it right the first time. We believe less is more and well... sometimes more is more. We believe in whitespace, well-chosen fonts and the merits of a good cocktail olive. We believe in you, your project and your ideas. We believe you should hire us.

Website Design

We’re a small design firm, so we know small business.  We appreciate what goes into running a small or “boutique” business and the assets needed to make that business a success.  In this age of iEverything, a website is not only encouraged, it’s required.

Ever notice that even your toothpaste has a website?  The first thing we do when we’re interested in something we hear about is Google it.  Don’t you?  In the eyes of many, if you don’t have a website, even a simple one, your business may as well not exist.  Moxie Design Studios™ can provide you with a beautiful, unique, easy-to-manage website to showcase your boutique business.  Don’t let your toothpaste one-up you!

We also encourage the inclusion of blogs in our small business sites, as they are a great tool for business.  You can keep your customers, clients or fans informed of the latest news, the latest new products, calendar events or other updates. It’s also a way to archive milestones for your business or issue press releases.

From start to finish, we’ll listen to your needs and desires, offer options whenever possible and give your project the attention to detail only we can provide.  Our projects are fun, open and usually result in clients coming back for more again and again. We hope you’ll be one of them! 

If you’d like an estimate for your small business, contact us for a free quote.

Website Redesign & Refresh

If you put up your website more than a a couple years ago, it's likely your site needs a bit of a zhush. With constantly emergent technology, it's good to bring your website up to snuff with modern code and best practices in order to get the most out of your website.  We can offer two ways to assist:

Website Redesign

A redesign is much like a standard website design project, but the site is already in place.  We may be able to work with the existing framework, but most often need to strip it "down to the studs", as they say, and bring your software and code structure up to current web standards.  This is also the time we'd address usability and ways we can improve the overall function of your site, in addtion to applying new creative.

Website Refresh

A "refresh" allows us to work within your existing site and framework, making modest changes to freshen up the overall appearance, perhaps updating the software and supplemental add-ons, tweaking the banner art, incorporating some bells and whistles, but overall, not changing the foundation of your site. It's a more affordable way to bring some new life and new bling to your website without investing in a total overhaul.

Contact us for a free estimate. We can help determine the needs of your site.

Blog Design & Consultation

  • Snoozin’ over those boring default templates that come with your blog platform or service?
  • Are you new to blogging and want to make a splash with a custom look for your debut?
  • Maybe you need more than just a basic blog, something with more bells and whistles?

Moxie Design Studios offers full-service custom blog design for the individual, group or professional. We believe in client-specific blog design and work with you to determine your needs.

The Moxie Girls will provide design flair and industry expertise to produce a concept as dynamic as your content.  As seasoned designers, it’s our job to add our moxie and bring your vision to life.

Interested? Contact us for a free estimate!

Social Media Services

Thanks to social media like Twitter and Facebook, we're now like, 2 degrees or less from Kevin Bacon. Shouldn't you be that close to your target web audience?

Social media can be a great tool that allows website owners to connect with their readers, fans or customers. It's not enough to simply create a Twitter account or a Facebook page, you actually have to use them!  

If you don't know a tweet from a twit, we can help!  Our projects often include design-to-match branding for your Twitter page and YouTube channel, if desired. We can do custom Facebook landing pages, too!  

We'll integrate these services with your website to make it super easy for you to connect and are happy to provide consultation on how and when to tweet or update your status, Twitter and Facebook etiquette (yes, there is some!) and more. Contact us for more information!

Logo Design & Print

If having a website is your “foot in the door” toward expertly launching or expanding your business, why not have us help you kick the door down?  A professional logo and coordinated printed materials like stationery and business cards can give you that polished edge above the rest.

Your logo is just as important as your online presence — it sets the tone for your company.  It’s not just a logo, it’s your signature.  A logo is the foundation of any solid business identity. 

Let us work with you to develop your official company logo, and gild your look with some identity branding that is not only dazzling, but memorable!  Our logo package will provide you with a logo suitable for both web projects and printed materials like letterhead, business cards, t-shirts and more.

Ask us about creating your snazzy new company logo!

Easy-to-Manage Websites

All of our sites are built using development tools called Content Management Systems (CMS).  These are web-based platforms that allow the site owner to update and manage their website themselves wearing nothing but a web browser and a smile.  And, as it’s updated by the site owner, this reduces the need for on-going maintenance or on-staff tech personnel. 

Many have come to know CMS as “blog platforms” and many are!  But in recent years, content management systems offer so much more than blogging, such as mailing lists, membership platforms, discussion forums and more.  There are many blog platforms to choose from, such as Wordpress, Typepad, or Blogger.  We’ve worked with them all, but we work most often and most enthusiastically with Expression Engine (EE).  We encourage you to visit Expression Engine to learn about the features they have to offer from a development standpoint or contact us to learn more about what it can do for you!

If we’ve not mentioned a platform that you’d like to work with, never fear. We will discuss your project with you and determine the best platform suited to your project.  Contact us for a free estimate.  If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!