Moxie Design Studios

Behold, Our Portfolio!

We put the "fun" in functional.

Whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, a bestselling author, a pretty, pretty princess or all of the above, we've created a wide assortment of designs to suit just about every taste… well, except boring. 

We don't believe in cookie-cutter, same-same, run-o'-the-mill templates. It's just not our jam. We do believe in usability, web standards, beautiful user interface and a bunch of other fancy words, but your website doesn't have to be humdrum to be a well-oiled machine.  We love to create design that is exciting, interesting, personal... design that sets our clients apart from the rest and socks your visitors in the kisser.

We believe in bringing ideas to life and thrive on creating custom designs that speak to your product or personality. We can't promise the moon, but chances are if you think it’s too “out there”, we've done it, been asked to do it or will do our damnedest to figure out a way to do it for you.   And if we can't, well... we'll eat our very stylish hats.

  • Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
  • Hankins & Ator, Attorneys at Law
  • Looped Yarn Works
  • The Desert Lily
  • The Yarn Lounge
  • The Gay Love Coach
  • Vivian’s Boutique Spa
  • Central Area Rural Transit System
  • Brevidia
  • DIL Sisterhood
  • Photobooth Rentals of New Mexico
  • Handcrafted Alexandria
  • Inkspiration Station
  • Off Your Plate
  • Jennifer Chiaverini
  • Central Sydney General Practice Network
  • Cooking Diva
  • Discovery-Driven Growth
  • Virgil Builders
  • Cheesetique Specialty Cheese Shop
  • The Momtourage
  • Megan Torrey-Payne
  • Fashion Junkie
  • Kristina Wright
  • Woman with Portfolio
  • Rita Gunther McGrath
  • Farm to Philly
  • Panama Gourmet
  • ChickChat Radio