Moxie Design Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve rounded up the most common questions and comments that come through our inbox and done our best to answer them as thoroughly as we can.

You may want to know something different like, "Are lobsters ambidextrous?" or "Do penguins have knees?".  If these are the things that keep you up at night, we're afraid we're not too much help.

But if you have a question about web design, social media or how to mix a great cocktail, please feel free to drop us a line. We’ll respond as quickly as possible.

How much does a website cost?

We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients. We provide consultation, creative design, development of HTML/CSS markup, custom programming, social media integration, a how-to guide and up to 2 weeks of free support post site launch, not to mention over 10 years of proven expertise. If you need custom illustration and need help selecting or finding an illustrator, we can arrange that, as well.

It’s tricky for us to give you a ballpark without some indication of what your expectations are, but we've put together some of our most commonly requested projects below to give you an idea of what to anticipate:

  • Professional Blog Designs: $3500-$6000+
    Commonly includes homepage, individual post with comments, archives, about page and contact page. Pricing can vary when including specialty programming & additional features.
  • Small Business Websites:  $4000-$6500+
    May incude custom illustration, 5-6 pages, brochure-style, with blog & contact forms, without e-commerce
  • Community or Magazine-style Websites: $6500-$10,000+
    Usually includes one or more blogs, brochure-style pages, a more complex structure, user-generated content, forums and/or membership features
  • E-Commerce website: $6000+
    Often includes brochure-style pages, product pages and multiple user interfaces for checkout, as well as one or more blogs
  • Branding and Identity: $500-1500+
    Logo design for print and web, print work like business cards or letterhead and creative consultation for brand strategy and marketing (taglines, copywriting, etc.)

If you provide us with important details about what you want from your website, such as what the site is for, how much content and what type, if you need a logo, etc., then we can provide you with a detailed estimate for your individual project… with pleasure!

If you’re interested, please contact us for a free estimate and you’re on your way.

How long will it take?

This depends on the project. Each website is unique and may require more or less time to build.

Factors such as how quickly you communicate with your designer about design decisions and how well you express your wishes can influence the final timeline. Building a site is an exact process, so once your design is finalized, the site still needs to be coded, implemented and tested.

This process can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months depending on the size of the site and the full scope of the project.

When can we get started?

While we’d love to take your project right this very minute, well… we’re often busy, truth be told. But don’t worry, busy designers are a good sign!  We can usually work together to come up with a mutually agreeable timeline. In the meantime, pretend it’s the line outside Studio 54. Just, you know, without Bianca Jagger and the half-naked guys in gold spandex. Contact us to get the velvet rope treatment!

Can I manage my own site?

Absolutely!  In fact, that’s our main goal — easy to manage websites.  There are many content management tools available today that can enhance your site and provide an easy way to maintain updates, both to your blog and the website itself. We love Expression Engine, but we will ultimately choose the tool that suits the needs of your project, be it Expression Engine, Wordpress or something else entirely.  The point is, you’ll be large and in charge. 

What is the design process?

The design process is what goes down from the time you accept our proposal and send us to your deposit until your site is live and blinding everyone on the internet with its awesomeness.

Consultation and Preliminary Discussion Phase

  • Once your initial deposit is received and the proposal is accepted and signed, your project is set up in our online web-based project manager.  It’s preferred all future correspondence regarding your project, including assets like images, copy and such, are managed here in a central location.  You will be emailed a login and a password once you’ve been entered in the system and generally, greeted with a kick-off email, letting you know what the next steps are, per your unique project.
  • Usually, those next steps include discussing your project more in-depth. We’ll set up some phone time so we can go over your ideas and goals for your website, as well as provide consultation or recommendations where requested and/or needed.  Sometimes more than one call is needed, but usually we can iron it all out straight away.  You’re welcome to post any follow-up thoughts or ideas we might not have covered on the project manager or schedule another phone consultation.

Creative and Revision Phase

  • This is where we take all of your ideas, our ideas and with your ultimate site needs and goals in mind, apply our skills and talents to deliver what’s called a “mock-up” or a “comp”. A mock-up is a flat image of what your website might look like, based on the input shared during the consultation phase.  And while we do pride ourselves on delivering great design, one has to assume even Leonardo di Vinci had an eraser. So of course, revisions are included until the mock-up is as you like it, per the terms outlined in the website proposal.
  • Once approved and the next phase of your deposit is received, the design is whisked off to the development phase, where it will be made into a functioning website.  Design and structural changes at this point are often well out of scope and can be costly, so please keep that in mind if you tend to be indecisive.
  • This is generally when the second deposit is due.

Development and Implementation Phase

  • At this point, we're working on the structural foundation and custom programming for your website. This will almost always include HTML/CSS markup, and often includes custom programming and development for a particular content management system (usually Expression Engine or Wordpress).
  • During this phase, you may hear from us less frequently, as we are hard at work with the technical aspects of your site, but don't be surprised if we pop-up with a question or two. Timely turn-around on correspondence during this phase is helpful for staying on task and delivering your website per the milestones we'll set up.

Soft Launch

  • The soft launch is when you put the site live for testing in a low-key manner or behind a hidden area for client viewing only. This is where we test things out, you get a chance to muck about and get your feet wet, ask questions and things like that. We have an opportunity to do last-minute browser testing, fine-tuning and catch any bugs before it goes live in a grand-opening sort of way.
  •  If you’re a blogger already or have an existing website, getting started should be a snap. Whether we’ve built your site using Expression Engine, Wordpress or another platform, web-based interfaces make it easy  for you to blog and manage your website from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere.
  • For those of you who don’t know Expression Engine from your elbow or Wordpress from a hole in the ground, we do provide basic instruction over the phone and/or a handy PDF guide on how to manage your website the week following or prior to your site launch. (You’re always welcome to email us!  We also include resource links and recommended reading for those new to the Internet.
  • This is usually when your final balance is due.

Official Launch

  • This means we put the site live for the whole world to enjoy in a less low-key manner, inviting visitors to witness your site in all its glory.
  • Trip the light fantastic, do the funky chicken, the twist, the mashed potato, what have you… you’re officially online, blogging, marketing, monetizing, and otherwise getting down with your bad self.

Post Launch Support

  • For up to 2 weeks post-launch, we provide support for your questions, concerns, very minor edits or any quirks that might pop-up during the soft launch and launch phases.  We are definitely available to assist you beyond those two weeks -- we wouldn't leave you hanging like that! -- but support requests are subject to our hourly rate and current schedule (which means, we may not be able drop everything and respond to your request, but we'll definitely respond/take care of it in a timely manner).

Can we do lunch?

While that sounds delightful and we could really go for a salad, unless you’re in Atlanta, GA or San Diego, CA, chances are slim that we will be canoodling over breadsticks at the local Olive Garden.

But, never fear! We’re quite skilled with email. We also use a great online project manager called Basecamp that allows all of us to centrally discuss your project. You can upload files, post comments, share ideas and we’ll also post milestones and to-do list action-items.  A few notes back and forth and we’ll have your new site live in two shakes.

Are you available by phone?

Sure thing!  We have our phone numbers listed on our contact page, but due to the creative nature of our business and the focus required to do our jobs, we prefer to set up phone meetings by appointment only.

You are always welcome to call during or after business hours, but you will most likely receive our voicemail unless it indicates on our contact page that we are available for open calls.  Please leave a message with your name, phone number, email address and if you like, a brief overview on your project. We'll usually return your call by the next business day.