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They Like Us, They Really Like Us!

Our clients are awesome, so naturally we like to do an awesome job for them. Often they respond by telling us how awesome we are. And then we post that awesomeness here. It's just one big awesome love fest.

Also in this area, you'll find any press bits, articles, media attention, accolades, and that sort of stuff. Would you like to chat with us about an article or interview? Drop us a note!

Leslie Schleiger

I’m glad I hired you! I appreciate your creativity, and the personality spin you put into your designs! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get to work on our next project! Thanks bunch! You rock!

Jennifer Crusie, Bestselling Author

Joelle isn’t just an artist, she’s a mind-reader.  When she asked what I wanted for my website, I gave her a long list of what I didn’t want plus two jpg images and a link to a YouTube video. She came back with a design that was nothing like the site I’d envisioned but absolutely what I wanted and needed.  I still don’t know how she did it, I’m just grateful she did.  Wonderful to work with — flexible, open-minded, patient, and incredibly hardworking — Joelle is the perfect website designer.  You should hire her now.

Lee Sheppard

What drew us to Moxie Design Studios in the first place was their distinct, visually appealing design sense for websites. And our website was written in an old version of HTML that was dated by six years. We were desperate to get our content under control and manageable. Joelle was able to analyse our needs and provide a restructuring plan to establish us with a content management system and a means to allow our staff of over thirty to modify content and maintain emergency alerts. This new approach to our website design and function has made us translate the same principals into our business operations. And we refer to it as Joelle-ification. And some day, we bet you will be Joelle-ifying too. Thanks Joelle!

Emily Johnston

Working with Moxie [Design Studios] was such a great experience from start to finish and we can’t thank you enough.  Your designs were exactly the look we were going for, your customer service was impeccable and the hard work and extensive blog knowledge of the Moxie team was incredible! Hope we get to work together again in the future.

Sarah Wendell

If you need a website that’s snappy,
And a holy damn long way from crappy,
Don’t say “What the hell?”
Just look for Joelle.
With her skills and her style, you’ll be happy!

The only thing bigger than my own pleasure at the design and process of working with Joelle and Moxie is the number of compliments I get. Thank you!

Aaliyah Habbal

I am absolutely IN LOVE with my new site.  I had been wanting a site designed by the Moxie Girls and after visiting site after site of other web designers, I knew that my site HAD to be MOXIFIED.  The other sites never struck me with that ‘man I gotta have it’ feeling so I decided to submit my request to Moxie Designs and the rest is history!

Joelle really understood me and at times I think she knew what I wanted without me having to say anything.  Joelle has excellent taste and really knew how to make the whole thing work!  Joelle always included me in the process of making my website.  Her suggestions were dead on and if something would not really work great within the site, she let me know instead of just putting it because I wanted it.  I never felt out of touch with Joelle and she always answered my questions with outstanding professionalism that did not seem stuffy or programmed. It was nice to feel like I mattered in the process of making my website, and Joelle never left me hanging in the dark.

I am so very happy that I chose the Moxie Girls because I feel more like me now.  I feel that I am accurately represented not only with the colors and set up, but with my illustrations too.  Derek [Yaniger] really captured me and my sons with just a little description of what I wanted and Joelle spiced them up and used them in a way I had not even thought of.

I wanted my blog to be inviting and not scary and I wanted the opportunity to educate others about Islam and Joelle made sure that I will have that chance.  Joelle remembered all of the little things and it’s her personal touch that makes my site even more special.  I believe that any designer leaves behind a piece of their personality in their work.  I also believe that Joelle does her work in such a way as if she is the one who would utilize the site and because of that, you get a high quality, usable site of art!

My illustrations again, were important because I wanted other moms to know that I too have family issues, boycotts of food and school just like they do and incidents like toilet paper on the ceiling (this really did happen folks!)  There are stereo types floating around and Derek really envisioned my idea for illustrations and produced high quality work that will not easily be forgotten. These illustrations accurately and completely match my personality and you add that to Joelle’s gift with people (lets face it, it’s not easy to ‘read’ someone via the internet) and the result is a truly great website.

Family and friends that have visited my new site?  They now wish that they could have a MOXIFIED site!  So if you are reading this, you will not go wrong choosing Joelle and Kathy, they are THE most TALENTED women in web design!  And it would not hurt to have Derek, the ‘cool art king’, draw up your illustrations too.

I really can not say enough about Joelle since she is deserving of much more than this. I wish I could give Joelle a great big hug for making my small dream a very big reality!  Thanks again Joelle, you really helped me a ton and I am forever grateful for you.

Koren Motekaitis

I kept feeling the pull to Moxie Design Studios as I was looking for a website design company.  Their technical know how for blogs and podcasting as well as their fun, high energy designs drew me to them.  My site does not look like a traditional blog, but like a really cool website!  I knew the feel of what I wanted, but am really bad with words and design.  Joelle took the direction that I wanted to go in and came up with something FABULOUS! 

Joelle was so attentive to my project. I always felt that she was only working on my project, but she was really doing multiple projects.  Throughout the project, Joelle continued to make improvements to my site.  Her attention to such detail was incredible and she really worked above and beyond!  Joelle thank you so much, it was fun and I can’t believe we are done already!

Jill Spangler

I adore my blog…it’s so very me!  Thank you for making this such a great experience.  I now feel like I’m blogging with the big girls!  I decided to start my blog last November. I had no friggin’ idea what I was doing. I knew I needed guidance, so after researching “how to blog for newbies” books, I purchased “The IT Girl’s Guide to Blogging with Moxie”. The Moxie Girls…Katherine Scoleri and Joelle Reeder are responsible for my blog makeover. Kathy listened to all of my ideas, absorbed my persona (dirty minded redhead with big boobs) and voile…Stella’s Roar was reborn! Thanks, Chicas!

Raquel Salas

This is just amazing. How can you do that? I am totally in love with the site. Not even in my wildest dream I would have imagine such a cute and perfect site. This is all we ever envisioned and way much more. Amazing.  Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Cale Smith

Absolutely great experience working with Joelle.  Amazing design, super functionality, and she was extremely patient in walking this newbie through set-up. Margaritas on me!