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Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Featured Work

Ok, so there's not that much intrigue, but since we brought our site back online (quietly, oh so quietly) in the New Year, our portfolio has been "hidey", as we like to say.  I thought it would only take a week or so to get it back online, but then it was two and I was busy and now here we are in February... so I decided to wait until our anniversary which is coming up "right quick", as they say in Texas.

We recently ran some upgrades and a teeny, weensy bug was causing the "Featured Work" page to display nothing but a blank white page. I'm guessing it's been like that for a few days, so our apologies if you happen to land there and get bupkis. The quirk has been abolished and the page is serving up... well, not our portfolio yet, but a lovely splash page, which is better than blank in my book.

The moral of this story is to always check all the major pages of your site after an upgrade, kids. 

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