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How to Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow on Your Wordpress Website!

It's... that... time of year! When the world falls in love! Every song you hear... seems to saaaaay... Okay, you didn't come here to hear me sing The Christmas Waltz. You came to learn how to make it snow!

Fortunately, it's super easy if you're running Jetpack on your self-hosted Wordpress website. With just a couple clicks, you can get your snow on.

1. Make Sure Jetpack is Installed

I usually install Jetpack on most of Wordpress projects because it's got a lot of nice features built-in. I deactivate many of them if I don't need them, truth be told, so as not to slow down the site, but I do love me some snow! If you don't have Jetpack installed, you'll want to download it here or go to Plugins > Add New and search for "Jetpack" if you don't see it as an option right on the landing screen.

2. Turn on the Snow Setting in Jetpack

Once Jetpack is installed and activated, go to Jetpack > Settings > Appearance and scroll down to where it says Holiday Snow. If it's greyed-out or "off", click it to make sure it's green or "on". Don't worry, if you turn it on in July, it won't actually start snowing yet.

3. Start Snowing December 1!

The default setting in Jetpack is for snow to fall from December 1 - January 4. So even if you turn it on earlier, it won't start snowing until December. Alternatively, you can also turn on/off the snow under General > Settings > "Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th." (check the checkbox), but that checkbox option won't show up until December 1. Unchecking it turns off the Holiday Snow feature you turned on in Step 2.

That's it! 

There are other ways to add snow if you don't want to install Jetpack and all its built-in goodies. There are plugins made just for snow. You can find a whole bunch here.

Happy Snowing!

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