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Bread All The Things

Joelle introduced me to not long ago and of course, since it's totally stupid and childish, we love it.  I've been a busy bee lately but I decided since it's Friday... Hashbrown Friday, I would take a 5 minute break to bread my dog.  Because that's what you do when you need a break. Doesn't everyone?  My dog Isabelle was a willing recipient since I let her eat the bread.  Please enjoy one of our breaded mascots:


Happy Friday!

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How Many Points in Breaded Cat?

So... apprently, this is a thing. A friend of mine sent me a link this morning for -- yet another in a long line of animal-related memes.  My first instinct was to go, "Poor kitties!  They can't possibly like that!" 

But then I saw this one and couldn't help but laugh.  I still can't imagine they enjoy that -- I wouldn't like someone wrapping bread around my head on a whim, but it's soft and, as long as it's done gently, it's not hurting anyone.

But Tortilla Cat is unamused.

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Move Over, Barbie.

We love Pinterest -- as you may have noticed from the images in our sidebar and our links on our about page.  I didn't totally love it in the beginning -- it was a lot of soft focus photos of cupcakes and cheesy inspirational typography.  I like both cupcakes and typography, but it was a little too schmaltzy for me.  So I eschewed it for a while until more people started using it and there was more variety.

I started a board that Kathy and I both contribute to called Moxie Dream House. We've always fantastized about what it would be like if we could live in the same city and have a brick n' mortar studio.  Of course, our fantasy studio wouldn't likely include a bed -- we're not a cam girl site, much to the chagrin of some of our spammers -- but our Moxie Dream House board contains basically anything fabulous, pink, leopard or otherwise something we deem appropriate for our "fantasy studio were it potentially a giant mansion in which we could find room for all this stuff".

Here are some samples of the kinds of things we dream about:

A pink desk is imperative. And the chalkboard wall is brilliant!

Source: via Katherine on Pinterest

If this was a real thing, we would be all over it.

Source: via Joelle on Pinterest

I thought they should've named this lamp The Phyllis Diller, but no one seemed to get my joke, which of course, means I'm old and no one knows who Phyllis Diller is anymore.

Source: via Joelle on Pinterest

A girl's gotta get to work, right?

Source: via Joelle on Pinterest

Follow our Moxie Dream House board -- we're always adding new things and dreaming of ways a hot pink bathtub might be practical in an office...

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They Draw and Cook and Travel: The Return of Hashbrown Friday!

Many moons ago, a couple years after Kathy and I started Blog Moxie, we started doing this thing in the (virtual) office where we'd have McDonald's hashbrowns on Friday.  I"m not entirely sure why. We like hashbrowns, but our thighs don't, so I guess we relegated Friday to being a day of food freedom, hashbrowns n' all.  We started calling it Hasbrown Friday (HBF).

In an attempt to watch our girlish figures, HBF became a day when we'd post something fun on our Moxie blog -- something that inspires us or something we saw around the internet -- blog posts, photos, recipes, whatever.  When Kathy got pregnant, while you'd think there'd be a lot more hashbrowns going on, we both got a lot busier between her two kidlets and our growing business, so HBF somehow fell by the wayside.

It turns out, we missed it!  So we want to bring that tradition back -- and we'll start today, with this very cool site that 's new to me -- They Draw & Cook: Recipe Illustrated by Artists from Around the World.

This site is so cool. The gist is this: artists world wide submit recipes in illustrated form. The end. It sounds simple and like, "yeah, whatever, another recipe site", but the delivery of the recipes here are not only an eventual feast for your belly, but an immediate feast for your eyes. I am in love with their illustrations. I'd love to work with many of the artists featured on their site.

You can search for recipes, submit a recipe or use their schmancy "Dial-a-Meal" slot-machine-style generator to spit out dishes -- for herbivore or omnivore. The illustrations definitely make me want to try the recipes -- maybe even moreso than photography. If the passion that goes into the art is anything like the food they're describing, they've got to be good. 

They Draw and Cook is available as a book you can pick up on Amazon or a They Draw and Cook 2012 calendar, if you're so inclined.

Asparagus Lemon Soup by Deborah MoriJalapineapple Quesadillas by Flannery HaasFinn's Only Favorite Green Vegetable by Lisa Graves

I also noticed they have a travel site, too -- same type of concept, this time with travel maps. They Draw and Travel: Maps Illustrated by Artists from Around the World. Totally. Awesome.  (Hey, Deborah Mori, San Diego is my favorite city, too!)

Venice, ItalyLondon, EnglandSan Diego, California, United States

I could easily blow my Friday just browsing through both of these sites, cooing over the awesome illustrations.  But I must get back to work!  Hope you take a second to visit They Draw and Travel and They Draw and Cook and enjoy them as much as I did.

Happy Friday!

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