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Share Your Moxie Girls Theme Idea and Win a $50 Gift Card!

There have been many incarnations of our website in the last 10 years. We started out with a pair of ladies from stock imagery, for whom we hold a particular nostalgia. We've had hair salon ladies and even prom wallflower ladies when we were more than two.

When we had the ever-talented Derek Yaniger draw our girls in 2004, the same airline girls we're currently featuring, we knew we had found our niche -- and The Moxie Girls were solidified as part of our brand. Since then, we've been 60's Go-Go dancers and holiday-time Santa's Helpers and a few miscallenous looks along the way. But, in honor of our 10-year anniversary this year, The Moxie Girls are ready for something fresh...

So we thought we'd do a giveaway, just for kicks!

Leave a comment on this post telling us what "scene" or "theme" you'd like to see for The Moxie Girls next and you'll be entered to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. You must leave a comment to be entered and may only submit one comment per person. 

From this page, share this post on Facebook or Twitter, like our Facebook page and/or follow us on Twitter for extra entries. You may share/tweet as often as you like.

The winner will be chosen at random on August 1 by 12pm PST. Giveaway ends 12am PST on August 1, 2013.

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Well, Look Who’s Here!

Hello, neglected blog!  Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, we hardly ever post here anymore, which really isn't a good way to pitch blogs, ya think? ;-)

But,we thought a brief announcement was a good way to resuscitate the blog, so here goes: We'll be OUT OF THE OFFICE on July 24th - July 29th at BlogHer 2013 Conference in Chicago. 

If you're going to be there, please say hi. :) 

We're also booking for Fall 2013, so if you're interested in working together before the holidays (or beyond!) please take a moment to fill out our Request for Proposal form so we can get the ball rolling. Our scheduled fill up quite quickly and we'd love to work with you.

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Happy New Year! We’re All Grown Up!

Wow, it's been a while since we updated our blog, no? We've been cheating on our blog with Facebook, admittedly. (Have you "liked" us on Facebook? You totally should!) But we do think it's time to update you on some of the changes 'round these parts.

It's Our 10th Anniversary!

2013 is our 10th anniversary year in business... and we couldn't be more thrilled. What started as a couple friends (who had never met) making some blog designs on the side quickly turned into a popular and thriving business, which resulted in hundreds of fabulous blogs and websites, a book about blogging and a lot of amazing opportunities over the last decade. I am so proud of what we've accomplished and am looking forward to dazzling you fine folks well into the next decade.

What's New!

Oh, gosh, lots is new. I'm afraid I've been lax in updating our portfolio -- busy, busy, busy, but here's some of the awesomeness that you may have missed:

Cheesetique, our client since 2004, received her 3rd redesign this past Fall... we kept her same "vibe", but created a more modern layout, incorporating both of her shop/restaurant locations. We also moved her from Expression Engine to Wordpress.

Another wonderful client in the same area of Alexandria, VA, as well as a directory of a lot of amazing boutiques and shops in the area,, also got an entirely new look. in addition to moving from Joomla to Wordpress.

Laughing Sheep Yarns

Laughing Sheep Yarns is a delightful, whimsical yarn shop nearby in Charlottesville, VA. Clearly, we like Virginia. ;-)

What's Coming Up?

We've got a new site in the works for long-time client, (launching very (very!) soon) as well as a full re-branding and redesign of another stylish yarn shop in New Jersey and the branding and website for an incredible new advice community. We're also redesigning the website of a very popular 60's (and beyond!) musical group that has us working "happy together", if that gives you a hint.

Also on deck for early 2013, a redesign of long-time client, Rita McGrath's website, and some additions to The Mortal Instruments author, Cassandra Clare's new site, which we launched last Spring. (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the film, is coming out in 2013!) There's some other stuff in there, too, but you'll just have to wait and see!


With all that, I am accepting new clients and projects for March 2013. During tax-return season, my schedule tends to fill up pretty quickly, so I encourage you to submit your Requests for Proposal as soon as possible, if you're interested in working together in the first quarter of 2013.

Kathy is no longer accepting large projects -- she's taking on only smaller projects and maintenance, focusing on her existing clients and continuing to be a stellar mom and super athlete. (Did you know she's training for an Ironman? She's amazing!)  Given her limited availability, if you have anything you'd like to work with Kathy on, please drop her a line!  I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.  (If you don't know, Kathy also runs the original one-stop eco-friendly shop for parents,

Let's see... any other news?  Nope, I think that's it for now!  Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2013!

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Moxie and the City

We're working our tuchuses off to get our clients squared away and ourselves beautified and organized for the most popular blog conference of the year, BlogHer '12.  Heads up to our clients and anyone contacting us the first week of August: we'll be out of the office August 1 - 6, returning Tuesday, August 7th.  We'll share our experiences when we return and any great blogging tips we picked up along the way. Promise!

BlogHer attendees, clients, friends or total strangers: we'll be flitting about the Hilton New York on Thursday, August 2nd, leaving Sunday, August 5th, so if you see us, hollahhhh!  We look like this:

But that's only most of the time. Sometimes, we look like this:

Only with booze. We hope you say hi!

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BlogHer ‘12 is Coming! Will We See You?

Well, the BlogHer '12 conference season is almost upon us. I say "season" because despite the conference lasting a mere three days, the chatter around it usually starts 2 months ahead and extends about a month or two beyond. So, I figured I'd help kick things off by letting everyone know that Kathy and I both will be in attendence this year in New York City.

We missed last year in my hometown of San Diego due to my 20 year high school reunion scheduled for the same weekend. But this year, we'll be hitting New York in all our glory, ready to absorb the city, it's sights (people watching is awesome), it's delicious tastes (pizza!) and scary scents (hot garbage in August, anyone?).  We had a blast last time and this year, we're smarter and decided to stay at the Hilton with the rest of you fine people. Last time we stayed at the Empire Hotel (yes, of Gossip Girl fame) and it was like sleeping on a slab of granite while kitten-heeled reindeer danced on our heads to Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam.  Never again.

We'll also be attendig some of the many parties. We love to be social and let's not kid ourselves, we love drink tickets. These are some of the ones on our list. Will you be here?

People's Party - I'm Going! VOTY - I'm Going!
CheeseburgHer - I'm Going! Blogalicious Brunch

If you can't find us there, in a panel or at the buffet, try the hotel bar. ;-)

Hope to see you there! 

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