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BlogHer ‘12 is Coming! Will We See You?

Well, the BlogHer '12 conference season is almost upon us. I say "season" because despite the conference lasting a mere three days, the chatter around it usually starts 2 months ahead and extends about a month or two beyond. So, I figured I'd help kick things off by letting everyone know that Kathy and I both will be in attendence this year in New York City.

We missed last year in my hometown of San Diego due to my 20 year high school reunion scheduled for the same weekend. But this year, we'll be hitting New York in all our glory, ready to absorb the city, it's sights (people watching is awesome), it's delicious tastes (pizza!) and scary scents (hot garbage in August, anyone?).  We had a blast last time and this year, we're smarter and decided to stay at the Hilton with the rest of you fine people. Last time we stayed at the Empire Hotel (yes, of Gossip Girl fame) and it was like sleeping on a slab of granite while kitten-heeled reindeer danced on our heads to Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam.  Never again.

We'll also be attendig some of the many parties. We love to be social and let's not kid ourselves, we love drink tickets. These are some of the ones on our list. Will you be here?

People's Party - I'm Going! VOTY - I'm Going!
CheeseburgHer - I'm Going! Blogalicious Brunch

If you can't find us there, in a panel or at the buffet, try the hotel bar. ;-)

Hope to see you there! 

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